Nov 17, 2018

Network Address Translation (NAT) Concepts - Looking more closely at the gateway (router) during the initial NAT operation, the original packet's Source IP is changed from to that of the router's public interface, which is, then the router stores this information in a special address within its memory (also called NAT Table - explained next), so when the Cascading routers - NAT or no NAT? - Linksys Community On the older routers, they used to recommend changing it from "gateway mode" to "router mode". I just leave my older cascaded secondary router in gateway mode and connect LAN to LAN and it works fine. In my experience, if you start doing a lot of "toggling" and tinkering of nat on and nat off, you should probably do a hard reset and start over. How to Enable Port Forwarding on my Router and Windows Jun 20, 2017 networking - NAT as a firewall - Server Fault

What is a NAT Firewall/Router/Gateway? -

What is the difference between the NAT, Routed, and

Setting Up An FTPS Server Behind A Firewall or NAT For

Please look into the documentation that came with your hard-based NAT/Firewall router for information on opening firewall-ports. Step-by-Step Directions. Step #1.1: BPFTP Server - NAT/Firewall Configuration Step #1.2: BPFTP Server - Use DNS for PASV Step #1.3: BPFTP Server - Use Static IP for PASV Step #1.4: BPFTP Server - Configure Data-Ports