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Jul 19, 2002

US surveillance law may see no new protections for foreign targets The law that authorizes NSA surveillance overseas expires in December, but lawmakers are focused on its impact on US residents STATE OF COLORADO SURVEILLANCE COMPENDIUM OF LAW 2014 USLAW NETWORK Surveillance Compendium of Law STATE OF COLORADO SURVEILLANCE COMPENDIUM OF LAW Prepared by Joshua F. Bugos Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP 1200 17th Street, Suite 3000 Denver, CO 80202 (303) 623-9000 www.LRRLaw.com

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) was created for use by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to request surveillance warrants against foreign spies inside the U.S.

Court Ruling Shows How FBI Abused NSA Mass Surveillance Oct 10, 2019 PRISM (surveillance program) - Wikipedia PRISM is a program from the Special Source Operations (SSO) division of the NSA, which in the tradition of NSA's intelligence alliances, cooperates with as many as 100 trusted U.S. companies since the 1970s. A prior program, the Terrorist Surveillance Program, was implemented in the wake of the September 11 attacks under the George W. Bush Administration but was widely criticized and Surveillance at Work - Workplace Fairness