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MPLS IP VPN Encryption While MPLS IP VPN provides a scalable model in which customers can securely connect remote sites between each other, there have been quite a few discussions about the encryption services offered by service providers for these circuits. The fact is that MPLS IP VPN usually do not offer any encryption services. MPLS vs. VPLS vs. Metro Ethernet - Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a network function that is offered as a service, but it is also a technology that an enterprise can install on its own routers. MPLS delivers a mechanism What is IP VPN MPLS - Concert Networks

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Difference between L2VPN and L3 VPN - Cisco Community Hence, you do not run any IP services or any routing with your MPLS provider. Hence your two remote sites being connected via this L2VPN service see each other as directly connected at L3 and you run routing protocols between your two sites. Multiprotocol Label Switching - Wikipedia

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Apr 13, 2010 MPLS vs. VPN: Comparing ADSL MPLS VPNs with ADSL IP VPNs MPLS vs. VPN. Because service providers saw the upcoming threat of ADSL IP VPNs—as discussed in my previous article, ADSL IP VPN advantages —they decided to take action and introduce new MPLS IP VPNs via ADSL connections to enterprises that had been long paying for … What Is the Difference Between VPLS and MPLS? The main difference between VLPSand MPLSis in the virtual layer. While VPLS is a “layer 2” network, MPLS is a “layer 3” one. The basic difference is in the way the customer’s addresses are managed: In VPLS, customer’s addresses packet by MAC; and in MPLS, they packet by their IP.