Apr 26, 2017 · Save and exit the sudoers file. Now the next time we try and run the “sudo” command with the newly added user, it’ll allow us through. Adding a User to the “wheel” Group. Another option for CentOS users is hinted at in the sudoers file a little further down. It says:

For more custom, visit the Debian Wiki of 'sudo'. At first, login to an user account and open a terminal to execute the following commands: Start becoming superuser with su. Enter your root password. Now, install sudo with apt-get install sudo. Choose one: Debian 9 or older: add the user account to the group sudo with adduser username sudo. How To Add User to Sudoers / Add User to Sudo Group CentOS 7 Dec 05, 2018 How to add a user to the sudoers file for superuser

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If you wish to change the sudoers file owner, please add “sudoers_uid=N” (where ‘N’ is the user ID that owns the sudoers file) to the sudoers Plugin line in the sudo.conf(5) file. /etc/sudoers is world writable The permissions on the sudoers file allow all users to write to it. How to add a user to Sudoers in Debian -H2S Media Sep 17, 2019 Fix `Username Is Not In The Sudoers File. This Incident

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