now, Create a dummy IIS web site with the binding is mapped to http url of the DNS name. in the IIS redirect section, create a 302 redirection to the actual https sharepoint site url. so when ever the request comes to http then it would redirect to https url and all the regular direct https url … How to Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in WordPress Aug 22, 2019 HTTP::redirect

Sep 26, 2019

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Nov 16, 2019 · This type of redirection enables HTTP to HTTPS redirection only on a specific site area, for example a shopping cart area denoted by /cart/*. Redirect to external site. With this change, customers need to create a new redirect configuration object, which specifies the target listener or external site to which redirection is desired.

Redirects the current HTTP request to the specified URL, or replaces the current response with a redirect to the specified URL. This command sends the redirect response to the client immediately, so you cannot invoke this command multiple times while processing a single HTTP request (or response), nor can you use any other commands that modify response headers or content after you give this HTTP Redirection in IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008 | Pluralsight Select the site in IIS manager that you want to set the redirect for. 2. In the Features window switch to Content View, Right click on the page you want to work with, oldpage.htm in this case, and left click on Switch to Features View. 3. The page now selected in the Connections Pane, click on HTTP Redirect in the features pane. 4. How to redirect HTTP request to HTTPS using responder Web browsers might not redirect correctly if the HTTPS virtual server is not active. This redirect setup allows for situations where multiple domains are bound to the same IP address. If the client sends an invalid HTTP request to the redirect virtual server, then the appliance sends a RESET message code.