But to have a workaround on the first issue, I tried to add a custom Upstream DNS which is the OpenDNS Family Shield (, I have saved and restarted the dns service and even the system, but it still doesn't work according to opendns' test page. Again, I am not sure if those are issues or not.

Open Dns not blocking pornography – OpenDNS Yes, exactly this is often the reason why things do not work. For example, your ISP may have changed your IP address, and you didn't change it at the dashboard, e.g. with an Updater or manually. In case you also have LPC enabled: this does not work with OpenDNS Home. These services are incompatible. OpenDNS family shield not working - Spiceworks May 25, 2017 OpenDNS not working with Orbi - NETGEAR Communities OpenDNS not working with Orbi Hi Everyone, For the past week whenever I add the OpenDNS IPs as my DNS servers the Magenta ring glows on my router and only a few websites browse on my devices. Previously it worked fine. However if I change it to Google DNS servers or my ISP's DNS servers it … Use OpenDNS

How to Block All Adult Websites using Free OpenDNS

Re: Netgear Genie - Parental Control (OpenDNS) Not working Their latest firmware update fixed the Parental controls issue. Netgear support called me and we tested both old firmware and latest to prove that it was cause and new version was the fix. How to Use OpenDNS on Your Router, PC, Tablet, or Smartphone

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OpenDNS web blocking not working after joining domain The router we have is setup w/OpenDNS to block certain websites like Pandora, facebook etc. It worked like a charm and we were also able to allow access to few employees who needed access to facebook etc.This is when all computers were in a WORKGROUP mode.