See all details about IP | PTR record is This IP is hosted by Level 3 Parent, LLC (AS3356) and located in the country United States.

I'll get to the story in a bit, but first I want to start from the basics. Skip this and the next section if you just want to know the story behind the DNS server. is one of the easiest to type of a collection of 6 DNS servers at through (originally only 1-3). Dec 30, 2019 · Considered by Cloudflare to be the world’s safest, fastest DNS resolver, the app works to reroute your entire network traffic on your phone through, instead of the usual default DNS server, eliminating the need to configure it at a router level and making it easy to skip difficult setup altogether. Mar 30, 2018 · DNS alternative Server: . 6- Level 3 DNS: They provide you open DNS server. You can go to Level 3 Official Website to get more information about their DNS service. Level 3 DNS also use as a gaming server. To configure Level 3DNS Server use following IP’s. DNS Preferred Server: Or DNS alternative Server: Yup i have been using Level3 DNS from Malaysia for a long time. Though i use (resolver1) and everything seem fine, nothing as you described. Yes, google dns doesn't redirect to a failed query AFAIK. Only one i used (that have such redirection) is OpenDNS. Primary and secondary DNS servers can be "mixed and matched" to provide another layer of redundancy. In general, DNS servers are referred to as all sorts of names, like DNS server addresses, internet DNS servers, internet servers, DNS IP addresses, etc.

2008-4-18 · Step 3: Now run the following command where is the standard IP address of OpenDNS server. nslookup You can find the time OpenDNS takes to resolved the address by calculating the difference between the two timestamps.

NET: DNS: Forwarders and Conditional … 2013-4-24 · - 5 seconds on Windows Server 2003 - 3 seconds on Windows Server 2008, 2008R2 and 2012 The ForwardingTimeout is defined at DNS server level and is independent from the specific zone queried This is also the setting you can see in the Forwarders GUI: The Best DNS Servers for Speed and Privacy in 2020

Server level policies apply on every zone transfer query that occurs on the DNS server. Zone level policies apply only on the queries on a zone hosted on the DNS server. The most common use for zone level policies is to implement blocked or safe lists.

If you refer to level 3 as in deep web layers then level 3 is the largest layer of deep web. Personal computers from home that host a small server conected to internet. And are accesed by simple pw or click based pw like in p*rno sites. I know whe 10 Best DNS Server for Gaming In 2020: Free & Public DNS Level 3 DNS has the function of open DNS server which can be utilized by arranging the DNS setting with the primary DNS or secondary DNS Conclusion After getting to know about various DNS servers, security, reliability, and speed are the main factors. 10 Best DNS Servers in 2020 (Free and Public) | Beebom