Getting Started on Finding Work on My.Sandi.Net. Uploading and Downloading files on As always, please email me if you have any questions. The rough draft of this speech is due Monday- May 25th. Can be handwritten or typed. The final draft will be due Wednesday, May 23rd.

Resources that support the implementation of NGSS and CCSS in every science classroom in the district. Teacher Websites | Kearny High - School of Science Teacher Subjects Taught Website Email Burgess, Corri Geographic Information Systems website Dickens, Alison Science, Math website Etson, Phil Intermediate Algebra, AP Calculus website Farrar, Laura Spanish website Hawkins, Holly Art Johnson, Joanne AP Biology, Biology, Biotechnology website … How to get on - Ms. Allinger's Math Classes Follow these steps to use 1. Go to 2. A login box will pop up. At the bottom of this box is a message that says, "Click here to run a systems check". Click on this link. 3. An informational box will pop up as it is checking your computer system. If everything is OK, you will see a green check mark next to each item. 9th Grade Orientation Event on August 26 | Kearny High - San Diego Unified School District San Diego Unified School District

How to get on - Ms. Allinger's Math Classes

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